Wednesday, April 30, 2008

8 Facts Bout Me

Just fulfilling the wishes of my sister in law - wan fathiyyah
As you wish, these are the 8 facts bout me..check them out.

1. The meaning of my name is sinar singgahsana (Nurul Arsyiah) or cahaya arash (arash is the greatest throne of Allah) given by my Tok Wan who during his young life got the opportunity to be one of Tuk Kenali's student....Tuk Wan said that this name 'berat' as heavier as the responsibility I have to carry for the betterment of ummah. Thank you Tuk Wan. My batchmates or my seniors in SMAPL called me Arsyi but when I started my freshman years in USM, I change it to arash coz my chinese friends got problem to pronounce Arsyi...

2. Along my life I've learnt 3 foreign languages besides English. I learnt Mandarin when I was in Convent, Seremban. My best friends at that time mostly were chinese..Gillian Yeoh, Serena Khoo, Elizabeth Matthew (just mentioning a few names). I learnt Arabic in SMAPL and Japanese language in USM (1 year attachment in Engineering Campus)....

3. Married at the age of 23 to Wan Muhammad Wan Ibrahim, two months after graduating from USM...3rd of June 2004. For the time being, a mother of two sweet babies, Wan Rhaidatul Itqan (3+) and Wan Hadhinatul Ijlal (18 months). By the end of this year insya-Allah, the number two will become three.

4. A serious person when it comes to work...guys no monkey-business in class! Always a gentle person to beggars, orphans, small children and old folks.

5. Cherish my own private time...where I can spend time writing and reading.

6. Benci pada orang yang suka busy-body, tak tahu menghargai orang lain, pentingkan diri, ego, sering menyalahkan orang lain bila ditimpa musibah dan selalu percaya diri sendiri betul...i will avoid having anything to do with this kind of people.

7. My highest ambition is to complete my PhD in Clinical Psychology, join Mercy and get the opportunity to be one of the volunteers in Palestin, Iraq and other muslim countries that have very high prevalence of chronic post-traumatic stress disorders due to war effects...biarkan aku syahid di situ...aku redha ya Allah..(itu pun dengan izin suami la...)

8. Founder of Imtiyaz Muslim Kids Wear brand


almuna said...

eh eh, kite pun kahwin umur kita 23...camne boleh sama ni...

fathiyyah said...

salam kak arsyi..

ha? thia akan dapat anak sedara lagi? yeay!!1hehe..tanak mintak odea thia ke nak bagi nama apa? hehe..dapat baby baruuu lagi..suka nyaaaa..hehe

thia pun ada perancangan nk join mercy la kak..tgk keadaan..hehe..

yep,kak arsyi boleh la tag lagi 8 org pulak..hehe
apa pun,thnks kak