Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Passion

Reading has always been my pleasure since I was able to read (I start reading since age 5). Still remember.. friends of the same age often appointed me as their story-book reader every time we have to stayed late after kindergarten hour waiting for parents to pick us up....

Still remember..Enid Blyton's series had always been my first favourites at primary school..always deep in thought and imagination when reading those books...when I turned 11..believed to be a bit mature, we friends at Convent Seremban school always exchanged Sweet Valley Twin's series...books about some teenagers in California..every month, new series would be released with new interesting title..we waited eagerly to grab the new copy from the nearby bookshop..sometime, Serena Khoo, my classmate would had a trip to Singapore and she would bring back the latest collection of the series..then, we would take turn borrowing the book from her..the fanatics even tried to imitate the characters from the book...Jessica the naughty-trouble-maker twin, Elizabeth...the pretty yet smart one...then..there was this snobbish group-the Unicorn- that was exclusively for the 'rich and famous'...always wearing something purple as group's trademark...hahaha..luckily I was not one of those imitators...Standard six...the reading had upgraded to another level...Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University Series...still remember...had to hide those books from Abah coz the story line sometimes comprised of silly romance and stupid teenager's naughty...if he found out I would be dead meat!

In secondary school, I was mature enough to choose range of books for my reading satisfaction...I tried Danielle Steel, Anne Rice, Judith McNaught, La Virly Spencer, and etc...but for me the most intriguing author is Wilbur Smith...he wrote true adventures blended with true historic facts...usually bout World War..a bit bout true to nature and wild life...His backgroud always the African Countries...and that triggered my wish that one day I will walk on the land of Africa..From The Burning Shore (this story had been filmed )to When The Lion Feeds, then Monsoon, then The Sound of Thunder and etc...I have never found any other fictions as good as his...Usually, I borrowed books from the library coz to buy one, I had to save my monthly pocket book costs around RM 35.00 to RM 40.00...during my school time that really cost a fortune to me..I still have passion for Smith's novels...just's hard nowadays to seek for the right time to read...I plan to own a collection of Smith's writings in the future.. favourite is always John Gray's book...his Men from Mars, Women from Venus always been my best friend... I was introduced to that book by my mother in law. Since then, it becomes my important reference for seeking ideas on relationships...a page-turner book where every woman should I'm working hard to complete my collection of Gray's writings on Mars and Venus...the latest one Why Mars and Venus Collide is available in local bookstores since January 2008...will get one copy next month (will get salary increment next month..yeah!)...In my next entry, I will share some Gray's writings on relationships..

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