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Dear Deputy Prime Minister..We, Malaysians Are Not Stupid!

On DPM admits meeting sodomy complainant

Adrian CF Ng: I only have four words for Najib. ‘You are so nice’. It is so ‘nice’ of you to attend to ‘a Malaysian citizen’ because he needed help. Instead of concentrating your efforts and energy in contributing towards the development of the country, you have channelled your concern to other matters.

So ‘nice’ of you, really. Now I know that actually our DPM is a social worker. I think you are doing a good job so maybe you can consider stepping down and focus on your social work.

Maybe you can become a counsellor for your beloved project, the National Service programme. I am sure all the young kids need help one way or another.

By the way, I also need help. So can I come and see you?

Meng: If you have been sodomised or raped, go and see the Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak. He has the time and heart to see you and his advice will be ‘it’s up to you whether you want to report or not’.

MCA has Michael Chong, Umno has Najib Razak. Furthermore, if you did badly in school with horrible grades but you still want to get a scholarship, go and see the bighearted deputy prime minister because he will welcome you with open arms and even allow his personal aide to take a picture with you in front of the deputy prime minister’s office.

He is truly a busy man, doing all this kind of acts for the rakyat. I guess it’s all in a day’s work. What a man.

Lim Seng Hock: Why did Najib not reveal this straight away when the news first broke? Why did he say that he remembered Saiful because he came to his office to apply for a scholarship?

And wow, who is this Saiful character anyway. He is so well connected with the DPM that he can go to the DPM's house so easily.

And despite the DPM's busy schedule, he has the time to advise or not to advise Saiful.

Come on, Mr DPM, tell the truth and nothing but the whole truth - do not just give piecemeal answers when you are caught telling lies Malaysians are not stupid, we know how to read

Curious: I am a little curious to what DPM Najib had disclosed in the news conference. He said that he met Saiful Bukhari Azlan a few days before the latter lodged a police report against Anwar Ibrahim for the alleged sodomy.

But to my knowledge from the news media reports, Saidul lodged a report within 48 hours after his sodomy.

Najib could have said, I met him right after he was raped. But if Saiful had made the report the next day, that only left him with one day to account for. So his statement could have been, ‘I met him a day before the report was lodged’. More logical isn't it?

And looking at the news photos of Saiful smiling and wavings at reporters, he didn't look so traumatised to me. Something doesn't look right, does it?

Vik Samy: Is it the duty of the deputy prime minister of Malaysia to give counselling and advice to sodomy victims.

I just can’t understand it when he says Saiful came for help in the capacity as a victim of sodomy, and he Najib) accepted him as a leader and a Malaysian citizen.

What help did Najib do? Did Najib heal him? Recalling back things published in the blogs a few days ago, Saiful was not bothered to go to the hospital or even report the incident with immediate evidence.

All he thought about was to meet Najib and speak to him about it. I have to salute our youngsters. Well my next question is, why Najib? Why not Pak Lah or any other cabinet minister.

Anyway, hats off to Najib, for being so concerned over a sodomy victim. Hope his doors are also open for all sodomy victims from all around Malaysia.

Mengchai: Najib said: ‘I was sceptical, I was not sure whether there was any basis or whether it was genuine or whatever it was. I was worried, so I said ‘look, it's up to you (to decide on the next course of action).’

What is so special about this person that the DPM has to meet up with him?

There are thousands who wish to apply for a scholarships but does he have time to meet everyone and entertain their pleas? You draw you own conclusions.

Lunacy988 X: Why does the DPM, a man with such status, just meet any Tom, Dick and Harry who's ‘traumatised’? Saiful is practically a nobody.

Hey, I've also been traumatised daily since the fuel price hike. Do you think he'll entertain me if I want to meet him? Furthermore, Saiful is from PKR, the ‘enemy's camp’ so why does Najib want to meet a nobody from the ‘enemy's camp’? Unless, the ‘enemy’ is a mole of course.

And why does he now suddenly admit seeing Saiful and not before? Anyone can see that Najib’s story doesn't makes head nor tail.

Malaysians are not stupid, Najib. Please get a better scriptwriter, preferably one from Hollywood.

Tan: ‘I don't know, maybe he (Anwar) thinks I am the one behind the guy (Saiful). Actually there is no conspiracy, he came and saw me to complain that he had been sodomised by Anwar,’ said Najib.

The DPM should publish his address and let the rakyat go to him for help. We have a loving and caring DPM.

On Najib denies involvement in 'conspiracy'

Adha: So Saiful came to DPM's office about three months ago. The reason given by our DPM was that Saiful was there to seek a scholarship.

But I thought he was a dropout varsity student during the 2007-2008 session and that he had quit studies.

Why seek scholarship only three months ago? Or perhaps I'm missing something here. Could anyone enlighten me, please?

On Syed Hamid: Anwar a US 'snitch'

Chevrolet Impala: What I have always found extremely baffling is that our ministers and the rest of our country's top dogs almost always respond in a thuggish, back-dated, tribal-ish manner when receiving a negative comment.

Every time we receive a negative feedback - be it from the foreign press or in this case a country like the US - our ministers will only hone in on the action but not on the words or the reason behind this action.

They take offence that other people would dare criticise and they respond in a jangan jaga tepi kain orang manner.

It is only a comment, Syed Hamid. If it is way off-base then it shouldn't hurt us. This is what's fundamentally wrong with our leaders - they cannot take criticism, constructive or otherwise that when it happens they jump to the offensive and take it so personally like it's an affront to their very existence.

Syed Hamid is acting like a playground bully and Anwar is his personal punching bag.

The teacher, after witnessing the bullying, admonished the bully, the bully retaliates by telling everyone his victim is a snitch and bullies him even more.

Our leaders have got to grow up and realise that criticism from the rakyat or anyone else should not be taken as a threat to your ‘power’ or a ploy to usurp your ‘position’ but really is just a cry for change.

Please learn to take it constructively.

Marion Tharsis: I am neither an avid fan of the US nor a supporter of its foreign policies and actions. But I must commend them for making a statement about the replay of the old disgraceful episode.

Every comment or statement should not be construed as interference or meddling into ones own affairs but should be viewed in a broader sense that US is free to say what they want.

You like it, you take it, if not, drop it. Why attack Anwar for comments by US? Don't be childish Mr Foreign Minister.

Anyone who is friendly to the US cannot be labelled as a traitor or having cynical intentions or a puppet.

It is the most advanced and developed country and there is a lot one can gain in terms of expertise, knowledge and self-growth.

What is wrong in working with them closely in order to bring progress and development to the country? Mahathir knew that though he did not admit it openly, but rather, praised the individual US moghuls.

One very good example is Cyberjaya or the Multimedia Super Corridor, mainly built and developed with US expertise. Now who are the real hypocrites?

Grow up BN leaders and do your jobs properly and prove yourselves to be worthy of the posts you hold.

John Johnson: Oh dear, Syed Hamid has done it again - put his big foot in his mouth. He should open his eyes and go onto the Internet.

Everyone knows the stories on Malaysia. Come on, as a minister he can’t be so naive. He is an embarrassment.

On Poll: Almost everyone thinks Anwar's innocent

V Vendetta: As citizens of Malaysia, we are all deeply interested in ‘Aelius Maximus’ Anwar - the deputy prime minister who became a prisoner who became an academic and who became the de facto Opposition Leader who dared defied the Umno's ruling power and despotism.

Now, the people like to know how the story shall end. Will good triumph over evil? Will fair play and justice triumph over ‘dirty play’ and injustice?

Maybe the people are fickle...but 50 years surely is enough. The chair of the government of Malaysia is not Umno's by birthright.

Time really for another democratic political party to take over the chair. Can we all be very civilised about it? Can we all be good losers?

Will that be how the story ends? Will the idea that was once ‘Malaysia’ be believable once again?

On Cops to probe Anwar's report against their boss

Brian: As a common Malaysian man on the street, I sometimes wonder what the police’s duties are. With the high crime rate we read about almost daily throughout the country, how many of their personnel are actually doing what they are supposed to do?

Daily crime include robberies, murders or attempted murders, snatch thefts, rape or sexual related crimes and many more.

Instead of finding solutions to the rakyat’s daily problems, we read that they are more interested in the political scenario and other non-harmful incidents when they actually should be crime- fighting.

Why do they then also complain that they don't have enough personnel? Are they only trained to spend time for politics? If this is their attitude, then the head of police force needs to re-prioritise. Enough of this.

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