Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Enchanted 3rd of June...

Happy 5th anniversary, my darling!
All I am is yours, as you are mine.
Perhaps the years erode the boundary line;
Perhaps the fortune fades into the feeling.
Yet we are will, though often not quite willing,
As this year's choice becomes the next year's wind.
Nor without love could we endure the time
Needed to bestow so great a blessing.
In choosing love, unburdening desire,
Viewing passion as a gift to give,
Embracing as we long to be embraced,
Remaining where we would someone remain:
So do we tend both equally the fire
As each becomes the one one needs to live,
Replacing what can never be replaced,
Yearning for what comes again, again.
Thank you for the 5 happening years.
Happy anniversary my dear...


almuna said...

eh eh, happy 5th ya sis!!
tak honeymoon lagi ke? cuti sekolah kan ni....

fathiyyah said...

dh 5 thn dah kak?

rs mcm br smlm akak jadi pengantin baru dlm family kami :D

Happy Anniversary to both of you

~KhalilahAlhudaKamilen~ said...

happy 5th anniversary!!
so sweeet!!
(gambar 2 macm pernah kulihat waktu form 1 dulu..hehe)

smoga happy selamnya..sampai ke syurga..AMEEN..

Khazinatul_Asrar said...

Happy annibersary cegu ;)
5tahun dah~cepatnya masa berlalu kan. hehe. Semoga kekal hingga ke syurga! Ameen ;)

Dena said...

Eh so sweet lah cikgu. Serious , dgn poem nya ;) Happy 5th yeah. sy doakan you both happily ever after and may Allah bless you guys,ALWAYS.hee comel !

Puplunar said...

Happy 5th Anniversary Teacher Arash!
May Allah bless u both with such prosper, health and luck.
Huish, korang nmpk secocok habes :D
and nice poetry btw, love it :)

ummu ijlal said...

to sis alia:

thanks for the wish...honeymoon? hehe...we don't need one coz everyday is a 'honeyday' for us..

to thia:

thank you dear..still a long way to go

to Khalilah:

hihi..thanks...kat mana pulak khalilah nampak gmbr tu masa form 1 ek?

to Syazana:

thanks dear...5 tahun rasa macam 5 hari je bila yang ada di sisi kita tu a nice and such a darling hubby..

to Dena...

thank you darling..

to faiz..

thank you for d wish n du'a...secocok ek? haha..