Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kak Long Itqan dah Besar

Dah pukul 10.30 malam. Ijlal dah terlena sebelah baby. Her fav spot on the bed, sebelah baby...Ijlal agak kasar dengan baby...she just doesn't know how to control her action yet. For her, that's how she shows her love...just can't take the risk to leave her alone with the baby. Something unexpected might happen. But I know, Ijlal has learnt to accept the presence of Imtiyaz although sometimes her tantrum can really be the pain in my ass..

Where's Itqan? Still downstairs watching a show on her fav channel, Play House Disney. She went upstairs later noticing 'adik' (Ijlal) was no longer around. Upon entering the bedroom (holding tight her bantal busuk) she asked, 'adik dah tido ke, ummi?" I just nod my head. "Baby pun?" "Haah" was my simple answer. "Nak tengok.."she pleaded. "Tengoklah, tapi jangan usik takut adik ngan baby terjaga." She went closer to Ijlal, kissing her forehead than to baby also leaving a big-sister-kiss on the baby's cheek. Slowly she climbed onto the bed and lied quietly by Ijlal.

I said, "Peluklah adik Ijlal" (Hug Ijlal). Funny gesture from Itqan, "Ini comel busuk (Ijlal's cute but smelly) I felt like laughing. "Habis, baby comel apa?" I asked. "Baby comel je." A few minutes later, she fall asleep. Looking at the three girls sleeping always creates a feeling of bliss to me. alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for blessing me with these three beautiful daughters...

Kak Long Itqan will start going to kindergarten next week. She's almost four (will be four by 1st March, next year)when she starts schooling. Just can't wait any longer to send her to school. She has lots of energy that needs to be directed towards the appropriate place with appropriate system. Just can't waste her intelligence. I love to dream, when Itqan can read, I will build a little library in her bedroom (in fact she already has one but with small collection of books)with lots and lots of books...let her explore the world of wisdom on her own. Just can't wait to hear her reciting the Quran and reading bedtime stories to her little sisters...

Good Luck little Itqan..enjoy the fun of learning...Ummi promise, will always give you the best that Ummi can...luv you so much..


fathiyyah said...

really miss itqan..
bila akak tulis entry ni,thia dh terbayang2 dah itqan cakap betul2 depan thia..

haaaa,itqan dh besar..baik-baik belajar kat sekolah tu Itqan.jangan jadi nakal cm mak uda ni haa..hihi

kak,kem salam peluk cium kat puteri-puteri thia tuuuu..apsal la thia jauuuh sangat..

Dena said...

alaaaa comelnyaaaa ;D betul.bila sy bace sy yg rasa mcm berbunga2 hati.HAHA ;) eh bday itqan same as my bro ;) cg! i miss you.heee

ummu ijlal said...

2 Fathiyyah:

Itqan said, Itqan tak kira, Itqan nak jadi nakal gak cam mak uda..hehe..nakal dalam taat!

2 Dena:

Miss u too..dah nak SPM dah awak ek..gerun tak? hehe

wardah said...

itqan!! comelnya :)..kita tunggu 1 march ye itqan..hehe

~Khalilah Alhuda Kamilen~ said...

comelnya adik-beradik ni..
mmg comel sgt2..!

~Khalilah Alhuda Kamilen~ said...

comelnya adik-beradik ni..
mmg comel sgt2..!

~albazrah~ said...

Dik Yoi, tahniah ye kelahiran Imtiyaz.... semoga imtiyaz nanti

Khazinatul_Asrar said...

waa~comell sangat :D
cegu,amek lah gmbr mereka 3org.. hihi
mesti lagi comel :)