Thursday, June 2, 2011

7 Years of Loves, Laughter, Tears, Turbulences and We are Getting Stronger and Stronger

7 years of sharing everything...
The pillow and the bed..
The shelter and the shed..
The laughter and the tears..
The spirit and the fear...
The ups and downs..
The smiles and the frowns..

7 solid years...
is not a short journey..
and we walk hand in hand..
down the alley..
and passing the valley..
of life..
with never ending prayer
and the value that we share..

sometimes, when we pass through darkness..
there's always light at the end of the tunnel..
though we refuse to believe life is a gamble..
as long as we stay tough..
everything that we have is enough..
neither stormy nor rainy nights..
would end this journey insight..

loyalty is the word of love,
sincerity is the word of noble,
trustworthy is the word of value,
All blend up to be one thing...
A F F E C T I O N!

Happy 7th Anniversary to my dearest hubby from the bottom of my heart..
3rd of June 2004 - 3rd of June 2011